My Hackathon Log

Every Wednesday at Six Apart is a hackathon day giving engineers, and others for that matter, 20% of their week to work on anything they want.
Today I am trying to knock off a number of different utilities, apps and hacks. Check back throughout the day to see what else I have managed to finish hacking on…
* Finished up my work with integrating [Bugzilla]( and [Test Run](
* Created a stateless API Key Generator that can generate a DNS safe, reversible API key based upon an verified [OpenID](
* Expanded [Movable Type](’s support for the [metaWeblog API](, adding the `getCategories` method in an effort to make Movable Type compatible with [Magnolia](
Update: Thank you [Beau]( for the photo:

Update (1:35pm) – Wow, making excellent progress. I am now close to completing [YouTube]( integration with [Media Manager](
Update (4:03pm) – [YouTube]( integration is complete. I am now working on integrating with [Flickr](
Update (1:30am) – I am stupid staying up this late, but I just couldn’t sleep until I finished up what I had started. Media Manager now has Flickr support as well.
All in all, not a bad day.


2 Comments on “My Hackathon Log”

  1. seth says:

    Nice work.
    Jonah always make me pay with a vengeance when I stay up late by getting up before 6.

  2. Byrne says:

    So does Harper. Try as we might to get him to settle down and snuggle while Arin and I try to wake up on our own time we always end up somehow with him squirming and kicking us in the face. Its the best way to wake up. Let me tell you.

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