Introducing a Podcasting Plugin for Movable Type

So yesterday was a day just like any other day, except that I had the pleasure of [listening]( to a [Movable Type user rant]( about our [claimed](, but “lacking” support for podcasting. Man, it hurts hearing such a passionate user become so frustrated.
But it is precisely at times like those that we at [Six Apart]( swallow our pride and listen to our users. Not hear them. But actually *listen* to them.
And you know what, Todd is right about at least one thing: Movable Type’s support for podcasting could be better. A lot better. So I went ahead and slapped together the first [Podcasting Plugin for Movable Type 4.0](, and I call upon Todd (and the rest of the Movable Type user community) to help me make this the best podcasting plugin for *any* blogging product.
Now I put together this first pass really quickly – in just a couple of hours actually, which I think is a testament to how easy it is to build a plugin on Movable Type for anyone who knows a little Perl, not to mention evidence to what it means to be a **true Media Platform** (see also the [YouTube, Flickr and Amazon asset integration provided by Media Manager](
But I digress. I purposefully put together the most minimal feature set possible and still meet Todd’s basic requirement: the **ability to link to an externally hosted MP3 file and have Movable Type encode the necessary enclosures within an RSS and/or Atom feed**. For fun I am redistributing [a free flash MP3 player licensed under the creative commons]( to make it easy for users to allow readers to listen to their MP3 files directly from their blog.
But now I need to pass the baton to [Todd](, [ProNet]( (especially [Budd]( and any other serious podcaster ([Niall]( to help me shape the remaining feature set for this plugin. As a Product Manager myself I am reasonably certain think I could define a feature set myself, despite how clueless Todd may think I am, but I really do want this plugin to be something informed directly by the community. So please, everyone, chime in.
Todd, I am personally sorry you had a hard time with Movable Type. I sincerely hope this plugin will begin to provide the functionality you need, and I hope we can continue to evolve its feature set together as a team.


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