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Defensio: New Anti-Spam Service

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Moderation Plugin for MT

MT-Moderate provides additional functionality for your Movable Type-powered site, which enhances the feedback by enabling additional control over how the feedback is processed. Notably options are provided where both comments and trackbacks can be either moderated or junked based on the age of the entry or the age of the most recent comment received on the entry.

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2 Comments on “links for Wednesday, November 07”

  1. What is the difference between MT-Moderate and the Moderate Via Delay ( plugin?
    Even the configuration screen looks the same!

  2. Chad Everett says:

    Hi Jeroen –
    There are a number of plugins that cross lines, and this is one such example. The original MT-Moderate was released in mid-2004. MT-Blacklist came out with a moderation feature not long after, and then the Moderate Via Delay plugin was released a while later (in 2005) after MT-Blacklist was no longer being updated.
    After a long life of neglect (it hadn’t been updated since April of 2005), I decided that I would rewrite MT-Moderate as a series of junk filters, rather than a strict plugin that it was.
    Now that the history lesson is over – functionally, they are probably about he same as far as blocking spam goes. The settings interfaces are going to be very similar. I use native calls (that are in MT), where it looks like the MVD calls are written in the template. The language is similar, as anything that provides this function will be (even Blacklist had similar language), and the settings interface is naturally designed to make things look alike – that’s the idea.
    What you will get out of MT-Moderate is a plugin designed from the ground up to work with MT4. MVD hasn’t been updated, from what I can tell, since April of 2006. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – I hadn’t updated mine for two years. If it works, great.
    For instance, MT-Moderate doesn’t offer template tags – and I don’t plan on doing so. I don’t think it’s necessary (and in fact it offers the spammers potential information that you might not want to give out). Plus there are comments about dynamic publishing being the only way that the tags will work, but no PHP tags in the plugin. That’s odd, but not a big deal. If it works for you, go with it. Ultimately, they probably do very similar things.

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