links for Friday, November 16

Memcached Stats for MT

Mark Carey does it again. I would chalk this plugin as an essentially plugin for the IT admin in your MT-powered organization.

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Using exit in mod_perl

Aaron was briefing me just a moment ago on one of the last issues to tackle with mod_perlite: support for “exit” within a mod_perl and mod_perlite environment. Who knew something so seemingly simple could be so gnarly.

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Don’t Crack Your Neck!

While on vacation I vowed to stop cracking my neck, because I remembered suddenly just how unattractive a habit it really is. So far I have managed to go 5-6 days without cracking my neck.
Man, what I would give for a good twist-o-the-neck right now. It would be bliss… must… resist… temptation!

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