Google Maps no longer “suck”

Google gets it wrong
Over two years ago when [Google Maps]( released their satellite maps feature and the rest of the world was ooooh’ing and aaaaaah’ing, I [wrote a post saying Google Maps sucked]( because when I typed in my address, they couldn’t pinpoint my exact location. Pshaw.
I was being facetious. I am a Google Maps fan-boy like everyone else – except of course when you ask for directions and its sends you to the wrong city. But that is a whole other blog post.
Today I found out that [Google now lets users edit maps]( The first thing I did was adjust where Google things my home is. Now when you type in my address – you get the exact point on the map.
I may be the only person in the world that cares that Google gets this right, but I must admit, it is a cool feature nonetheless.
Google Maps circa 2007


2 Comments on “Google Maps no longer “suck””

  1. says:

    At both my current and previous addresses, almost all mapping applications point at the wrong house. In one case, about half a block away. This was always annoying when having parties and such. I was very excited to hear about this new feature from Google.

  2. Bob says:

    This so called “feature” that allows users to edit maps is bogus. I edited something 4 times (once a month, 4 months in a row) and it STILL shows the wrong location. I did everything accurately, please do not question my aptitude, but do question google’s.

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