links for Thursday, November 29

Become a fan of Movable Type on Facebook!

You can now become a fan of MT on Facebook!

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On MT’s resiliency when “getting Dugg”

Tim responds to: “I read somewhere that if you get Dugg, your MT site stays up and your WP site goes down…something to do with the database…? Anyone who can explain this, please comment!” He offers a very fair and balanced view.

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How Does Your Comment Policy Affect Your Readership?

Elise Bauer, a friend and co-worker or sorts, submitted this guest post to ProBlogger. I have come to respect Elise on so many levels – as a blogger, as a business woman, and as an associate. Definitely worth the read.

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Relationships on the Move: Ma.gnolia Joins the Relationship Update Stream

When I first started using Ma.gnolia I was motivated primarily by their user interface. had simply grown tired for me – it a service that works, but clearly has few people really caring for it any more. Ma.gnolia on the other hand is clearly interested in pushing the technology behind social bookmarking. They support OpenID, and now they have joined the Six Apart Relationship Update Stream. Awesome work guys.
(and now can you please fix the bug that is resulting in my bookmarks being posted over and over? don’t worry I still love you).

View all my bookmarks on Ma.gnolia


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  1. Elise says:

    Ah, thank you Byrne! Even though I can’t tell the difference between a missile and a canon?

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