Cool Paper Engineering

This year for my birthday, Harper hit a home run when he purchased one of the coolest pop-up books I have ever laid my eyes on. The thickness of the book as a ratio to the number of pages I think says it all:

2 pages per inch

The book though is unique in that it isn’t just 3D, it is practically 4D with layers upon layers of hidden details. Some obvious, and some not so obvious. Take for example the last page of the book in which Darth Vader’s mask emerges from the pages in a spectacular display of paper architecture and engineering.
Darth Pop Up
But what is most interesting about this particular page is not the mask, but what is inside the mask.
Anakin Pop Up
And that is just one page. A page in fact that has four other pages that can fold out and pop-up in addition. Like this mini-page:
By the way, if you are wondering if that lightsaber is glowing… yes it is.
If you are interested in buying the book for yourself or a Star Wars obsessed loved one like me, you can buy it from Amazon.
Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy


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