A Better Galactica Podcast

Last year I was on the [hunt for a good Battlestar Galactica podcast](http://www.majordojo.com/2006/11/battlestar-galactica-podcast-roundup.php). The selection was not the best in the world – not in grand scheme of podcasts, but there was one that stood out from the rest. [Galactica Watercooler](http://galacticawatercooler.com/) featured a trio of friends that actually managed to have chemistry. But after listening to them for a while I eventually grew tired. I mean how can *anyone* host a *two hour podcast* in the *off season* of a television show? I am a reasonable man, and I could talk about BSG as much as the next fan, but I could never carry on a two hour conversation about it, especially when there is *nothing new to talk about*! And therein lies the crux of why their podcast has grown tired. They have simply talked themselves out.
Then a couple of weeks ago a reader pointed me in the direction of [Galactica Quorum](http://galacticaquorum.com/). I picked it up looking to appease my Galactica addiction and I was actually surprised. I was expecting very little, but the podcast was refreshing. Not only was it short, but they were actually critical of the show as opposed to being these sycophantic geeks that think Ronald Moore can do no wrong. Who woulda thunk?
Galactica Quorum Header Image
Naturally, I called in with my own ideas to share. And lo and behold, they aired my message! I admit, I am a simple man, with a simple ego (I am about 8:25 seconds in).

If you are a fan, of virtually any sci-fi show on television, you will probably like this group of cynical friends – they trash (and admire when the case calls for it) virtually every show on televion, from the awful [Bionic Woman](http://www.nbc.com/Bionic_Woman/) to the do-no-wrong [Heroes](http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/). Trust me, it ain’t bad. It’s even a little good.


One Comment on “A Better Galactica Podcast”

  1. Michele says:

    Thanks for the review! I was looking through our stats and saw your site as a referrer. So I thought I’d see what this majordojo.com was all about and to my surprise I see a review of our podcast. Great review. Call in some more. We’d love to hear your ideas. And please stop by the site and join in on the discussions. I’m sure you’d have some great things to say on there.
    Much love,
    Galactica Quorum

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