To everyone who is voting in this year’s election…

If you consider yourself a critical thinker, no matter what party, or what candidate you believe should be the next president, then I encourage you to watch the following video.

I admit, I am on a bit of a Lessig kick right now, and yes, the movie is 20 minutes long, and yes, this video is pro-Barak Obama. **But**, if there is *one* thing of actual substance that everyone should watch during the entire election process, it is this.


3 Comments on “To everyone who is voting in this year’s election…”

  1. jimmytomato says:

    I hope you see this…..
    I’m new to Movable Type having just left WordPress and starting completely over. I understand XHTML and CSS having designed a few beginner web sites.
    I chose this post to comment because you have an embedded video and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it! I just want to embed a flash video in an entry as you did here. I spent 3 hours scouring the internet for something and I failed miserably!
    I’m so sorry for picking you to help me with all of this beginner stuff but all roads lead me here while searching…. Your like “Rome” all roads leave there.

  2. Byrne says:

    No problem JimmyTomato. What problems are you having?
    FYI – A flash video cannot currently be displayed from within the MT WYSIWYG or “Rich Text” editor. If you switch to source view, or change to Markdown or another text format you will see that the markup for your video is there.
    Most video services offer some kind of “ code which you should just be able to copy and paste into MT…

  3. jimmytomato says:

    You’re the best! I just needed to switch to markdown and the embed code worked! I feel so stupid! I should have noticed that!!
    Thanks again!

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