Introducing Yahoo! OpenID for Movable Type

Today I am happy to announce the availability of the first Movable Type plugin to make use of [Movable Type 4.2](’s built in support for [OpenID 2.0]( The [Yahoo! OpenID plugin for Movable Type]( allows users to provide Yahoo! users with a specially crafted login experience specific to them:

Movable Type’s ability to allow developers to build these customized logins, such as the one for [AOL/AIM]( and [WordPress](, helps to make OpenID accessible to everyone – especially [those who don’t understand that a URL can be used to login]( to a web site.
[Movable Type]( and [Drupal]( are the only blogging platforms that have support for OpenID 2.0 built into its core that I know of.


3 Comments on “Introducing Yahoo! OpenID for Movable Type”

  1. says:

    Works great for Flickr OpenIDs and MyBlogLog OpenIDs as well!

  2. says:

    When I setup my MT4 blog, I only enabled the OpenID login method. I don’t really like the idea of giving preferential treatment to a select few sites. It seems contrary to the principle of OpenID.
    I am reconsidering though because no one has ever logged on my blog to comment. Then again, I only have received 26 comments total so it may not be a good sample.
    Hmm. I just had a thought. People like typing their URL into the “anonymous” comment form. What if we used that to auto-login? Or offer to “authenticate” their comment?

  3. says:

    One thing lacking in the implementation of this and the other OpenID plugins is that when you log in, you are the thing you logged in as. Meaning, if I use the Yahoo! account, I show up as being a nonsense string of characters, rather than my usual nom de plume. I think there needs to be, by default, an extra name field for all these other plugins.

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