An OpenID-powered registration system I actually like…

OpenID LogoOne of the challenges many face with [OpenID]( is the process by which you convert an OpenID URL into a local username or identifier of some kind. This process is essential for services that want to offer friendly URLs to a user’s profile on their service (e.g. However, if a user uses OpenID to login and/or register then you create additional overhead somewhere in the process for a user to select a local identifier on the service because by default all the service has is some cumbersome URL to unique identify the user.
Rejaw LogoEnter [Rejaw]( I can’t remark on the service itself because all I have done is register. But it is its registration process that I so far appreciate the most. No where in it did I need to enter in a password or a lot of profile data. Bravo. But not only that, Rejaw incorporated into its registration flow the selection of a local username. Major props.
Here was the basic flow as I experienced it:
1. Click “Sign-up for a free account,” and then click “Use an OpenID”
Picture 6.png
2. Authenticate using your OpenID.
3. Select your username and enter an email address.
Picture 2.png
4. Confirm your email address.
Picture 4.png
5. Find your friends.
Picture 5.png


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