Want to hear me rambling incoherently about Battlestar?

No. No you don’t. Well maybe you do. Hell, I don’t know.
In case you do, you can catch me on a [guest appearance](http://galacticaquorum.com/?p=107) of one of my regular geeky/guilty pleasures: [Galactica Quorum](http://galacticaquorum.com/).
If you are a [Battlestar](http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/) fan than I highly recommend Galactica Quorum, it is easily the best Battlestar podcast out there (the episodes with me in them not withstanding). And definitely check out some of the more notable episodes where Brian interviews members of the BSG cast. Those episodes, I think, give you a much better impression of the kind of quality you can expect from these folks:
* [James Callis](http://galacticaquorum.com/?p=71), “Baltar”
* [Mark Sheppard](http://galacticaquorum.com/?p=106), “Romo Lampkin”
* [Aaron Douglas](http://galacticaquorum.com/?p=43), “Chief Tyrol”
* [Nicki Clyne](http://galacticaquorum.com/?p=96), “Cally”
But for family members and friends on the other hand who feel obliged, you can listen to me in this, the latest Galactica Quorum podcast:


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