Introducing a new book from the Makers of “Where’s Waldo”

Wheres Waldo
SOMERVILLE, MA – Acclaimed publisher Candlewick Press, publishers of the best selling children’s book series, Where’s Waldo, brings children and children at heart a new book inspired by the Republican National Convention. Each page contains a full page photo from the conference in which readers are invited to “Find the Black Person.” Yes, that’s right, in the great tradition of its predecessor, every page is a puzzle. Look carefully, because that black person you see might be a security guard or be a member of a camera crew; and by the rules of the game, “if they are paid to be there, they don’t count!”

RNC Audience Photo

Rules: How many black people do you see (discounting security and television personnel)?


2 Comments on “Introducing a new book from the Makers of “Where’s Waldo””

  1. Walter Pemacin says:

    That looks as white as a Grateful Dead concert!

  2. Andymatic says:

    No way – we were too busy playing Find-the-Asian.