Introducing Publish Queue Manager for Movable Type

An essential component of any large scale Movable Type installation is “Publish Queue.” [Publish Queue]( is a system by which files published by [Movable Type]( are published in the background at the next available moment, as opposed to slowing down the commenting system and application as MT publishes lower priority files.
For the longest time, Publish Queue was a black box. Users had absolutely no idea what it was doing and how many files were in it awaiting publication. This made diagnostics very difficult, if not virtually impossible.
Well, not any longer. [Publish Queue Manager]( provides the administrative console you need to better manage your queue.
Publish Queue Manager screenshot
Publish Queue Manager is 100% open source, and it needs your help. I have put in place a basic UI framework for viewing and managing the queue, but there is so much more a power user would want to do than to simply view and delete jobs. You may for example want to change the priority of a job, or even filter the jobs as they appear on the screen. You may want to have some way to check if Publish Queue is running properly. You may want a publish queue dashboard widget. Who knows, I leave that up to you. By the way, if you have an idea or feature request for Publish Queue Manager, leave a comment here to let other developers know what you need.
If you are a developer and want to help, then please let me know. Feel free to check out a copy of the plugin from [subversion]( and get to hacking. If you don’t know how to hack Movable Type plugins, consider checking out our recently updated Movable Type Developer Guides. They can help.
* [Hacking Movable Type](
* [Building Movable Type Applications](


8 Comments on “Introducing Publish Queue Manager for Movable Type”

  1. Byrne says:

    Note to self – would like a way to see Publish Queue entries that have resulted in an error. And what that error was.

  2. David Jacobs says:

    Note to Byrne – this rocks.

  3. Byrne says:

    Thanks to Jay Allen for his bug fixes. And FYI – I just released 0.92 – which allows you to change the priority of jobs on the queue at will. Muaaah-hah-hah-haaaa!

  4. Elise says:

    Testing this on MT4.21-en. Even though I have set a template to publish on Queu, saved and republished the template, I still get the following error message when I try to see the Manage Publish Queue list:
    It appears that your have never used publish queue before. To enable publish queue, set any template to publish “Via Publish Queue” and then save and publish that template. Then return to this screen to see everything humming along.

  5. Richard says:

    This plugin piqued my interest in the previously unused publishing queue and I wanted to test if it helps anywhere.
    However, every time I go into the queue manager it says “The selected jobs were deleted”.
    I don’t know if it is deleting jobs or not, but there’s never been anything in my queue!

  6. Byrne says:

    That is something I have seen as well. Its weird and I am not sure at a glance why that message is always appearing! But I will fix it. Thank you!

  7. Byrne says:

    @Richard – FYI, the issue reported has been fixed in 0.94 of PQ Manager. Thanks for the report!

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