Treasure trove of World War II film footage

An amazing collection of artifacts from World War II was discovered by the grandsons of a veteran from that War. Their grandfather was a photographer for the war effort documenting the preparation for and aftermath of D-Day. The film canisters found in his garage contain a wide array of footage ranging from aerial dog fights to personal footage of the veteran’s own wedding.
How amazing it must be to unearth something that gives you a chance to know your grandfather in a way you never did. It reminds me that I must digitize the film footage my own grandfather, who was a secretary of sorts for the Joint Chief’s of Staff, took at Yalta and Potsdam.
World War 2 Photos on Desktop
Preparing for the Normany Invasion
D-Day Aftermath - Allies landing on beach
D-Day Aftermath - Ships at Sea
Allied Troops in France
Watch the video (courtesy MSNBC):


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