One of five features Perl 5 needs right now: mod_perlite

A recent article written by chromatic in which he identifies mod\_perlite as of the [top 5 features Perl 5 needs right now]( has motivated me to try and the fire lit under those interested in this project again. I have launched [a new website]( (thanks to [Aaron]( who got the domain), powered by Perl and [Movable Type]( of course, to help marshal the community.
For those of you unfamiliar with mod\_perlite, it is a project conceived from a desire to make deploying and programming Perl based web applications, as effortless as it is to build PHP applications. It is founded on a belief that [it is not Perl that is outdated, it is CGI]( What the Perl community and hosting providers need is a Perl interpreter that is embedded in the web server as a module, and a Perl run time environment that is stateless – thus avoiding the pitfalls of memory leaks and the like that wreak havoc in shared hosting environments.
Are you a Perl hacker and know a little bit about mod\_perl and how to bind the Perl interpreter into Apache – then we could really use your help. Please consider joining the project to help us get going again! We already have working code, we just need to address some edge cases. [Visit the project’s homepage]( to figure out how to help.


One Comment on “One of five features Perl 5 needs right now: mod_perlite”

  1. Qiang says:

    Thank you for reviving this project!
    someone from python community *jealous* the php way of easy install for web app and blogged about it here:
    maybe you can steal some idea from WSGI as mentioned in the above blog.
    (I wish I could help but I ain’t a C programmer)

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