Will someone please pass me the hydrospanner?

Thanks to my friend and brother in-law Erik who always manages to send me the [best](http://www.majordojo.com/2007/12/darth-vader-video-humor-for-the-day.php) [Star Wars](http://www.majordojo.com/2007/10/darth-vader-in-the-death-star-cafeteria.php) links in the world. This time he sent me to a site featuring a do-it-yourself, cut-out of the Millennium Falcon created and designed by [Shunichi Makino](http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~sf-papercraft/Gallery/Falcon/Falcon.html).
Millenium Falcon Paper Craft
What I love about paper craft is the engineering behind it all. make02.jpgLike the [Star Wars pop-up book](http://www.majordojo.com/2007/12/cool-paper-engineering.php) that my [wife](http://www.hairyalien.com/) got me for my birthday one year, one has to make special accommodations for the material being used. Paper is not typically a very strong or sturdy material from which to build something as intricate and large as this, and the kit takes all of that into consideration. The [instructions](http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~sf-papercraft/Gallery/Falcon/mf/How%20to%20make/HTM.html) clearly show how much of what you will cut out is used for buttressing and support structures, not to mention to help give the Falcon its final shape and form.
Lastly, the detail of this model is *extraordinary*. Look how the model involves multiple layers to give the final product a truly three dimensional feel, from the radar dish, to the vent covers and the sunken engine parts.
If anyone is looking for a last minute and very easy, very cheap Christmas present for a Star Wars buff, then buy some nice card stock, print this puppy out, wrap it up and you are good to go. Thanks Erik, I know what I will be doing this week!


2 Comments on “Will someone please pass me the hydrospanner?”

  1. Elise says:

    Wow. So the falcon in the photo is the one you built? Love it!

  2. Byrne says:

    Oh god no. I wish. I just finished printing out the templates. But yes, I will be taking this on. How can I not?
    Wait, don’t answer that…

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