Visualizing Rising Sea Levels

Yesterday I read a story in which is was reported that sea levels were expected [to rise at least 5 feet within the next 100 years]( A scary thought, but it is still really hard to conceptualize what that actually means, until of course, I stumbled upon a Google Maps mash-up which allows users to [visualize what would happen if sea levels rose](,-101.6015&z=13&m=7) anywhere between one and fifteen meters.
I live in Oakland, so naturally the first thing I did was check out my city to see what it would look like. Luckily sea levels would have to rise considerably for my house to become beach-front property. But the [rest of Oakland is not so lucky](,-122.2956&z=2&m=2&t=1).

Port of Oakland Underwater

The Bay Area would be pretty devastated. In fact it makes\ me wonder we would have to begin building levees as New Orleans has had to do – being a city that would live below sea level and all.
Here is what a couple of other cities in the United States might look like if sea levels rose just 5 feet (2 meters):
* [New Orleans](,-90.0783&z=5&m=2)
* [Manhattan](,-73.9840&z=4&m=2)
*Update: MSNBC has a post covering [the costs California will face]( if sea levels rise 5 feet.*


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