An Open Source Movable Type Operations Manual

The [Movable Type Jumpbox]( is a great solution for many people who want to get started quickly using Movable Type or who don’t have time to build a system themselves. For tweakers like myself however, this is not sufficient. I need more control over how my system is setup, and I prefer to do it against a *documented* set of best practices. More importantly however, a JumpBox does not provide any instruction or guidance on how to maintain Movable Type once it has been installed.
So I have begun stubbing out an operations manual and run book for Movable Type that I can share with my clients and the community. My hope is that collaboratively we can build a comprehensive guide to running, supporting and operating Movable Type.

Ops Manual

So I am offering forth the beginnings of just such a manual. This version includes detailed instructions on installing Movable Type on a vanilla CentOS 5.2 system. In time I hope we can add more chapters on operating run-periodic-tasks, creating RPMs, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery.
* [Download PDF](/projects/downloads/MTOpsManual.pdf)
* [Download Pages Source](/projects/downloads/
What chapters would you like to see added?
***Update 9/25/2009**: Added a chapter about Movable Type System Architectures with recommendations about rsync vs. NFS.*


4 Comments on “An Open Source Movable Type Operations Manual”

  1. Gavin Bell says:

    Nice idea, I’ve been a fan of MT for a long time, but have struggled with the ops side of things.
    Some notes on getting around the 500 errors if you lack permissions to create groups etc would be great. In fact on of these documents for getting to a pristine MT on MacOS X would be fabulous too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive guide to running, supporting and operating Movable Type.

  3. John says:

    This is a great start.
    However Movable Type supports PostgreSQL and Sqlite as database backends, not just MySQL.

  4. Phillip Smith says:

    Many thanks for creating (and updating) this resource, Bryne.

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