Increasing your site’s page views with photo galleries

In my on-going blitz of plugins and enhancements for Movable Type I am adding one more to the list: upgrades and enhancements to the [Photo Gallery plugin](, which you can already see on [my personal photo galleries](

Grid Layout

A screenshot of the new grid layout for the Movable Type Photo Gallery plugin.

These features come compliments of one my favorite clients, [Urban Moms](, who sponsored the development of this latest addition to the open source plugin. They are using my Photo Gallery plugin across a number of their blogs, including the [Urban Traveler](, the [Urban Closet](, and the [Urban Crafter]( They came to me because they know that nothing helps increase page views to a site more than photos and images, and wow were they right. *Within days of deploying their new albums, their traffic increased by over 10%.* Now that’s results. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have great bloggers and photographers working for you either.

The features I added in this release are:
* The option to chose between a grid and blog layout for your front door.
* The option to display a “featured” photo on your front door.
* [Documentation](
Yes, documentation is a feature, ask anyone.


4 Comments on “Increasing your site’s page views with photo galleries”

  1. Jackie says:

    It looks there is something wrong with your comments. When I submit my comment and there is an error reads “Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Name and email address are required.
    “, but I’ve input my name and email.
    Preview and then submit will success submit a comment.

  2. Hans Mestrum says:

    Hi Byrne,
    I got an error when publishing a photoblog:
    Publish error: Publish error in template ‘Main Index’: Unknown tag found: IfUseFeaturedPhotoOnIndex

  3. Byrne says:

    The Photo Gallery plugin now relies upon the [ConfigAssistant plugin]( as well. I will update the documentation.

  4. J says:

    Good evening, first time commenter. I love your Photo Gallery plugin, but was wondering if theres a reliable solution to uploading more than one photo at a time? I previously used Photon, when you supported Stop Design, but cant find a reliable way to use it lately

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