Moonshot Cover

On a recent trip to Chicago I stopped by a non-local mega-bookstore to look for a last minute gift for Harper as is required on any business trip that takes me away from Harper for more than 48 hours. And boy, did I hit pay-dirt with the book I selected for him: MOONSHOT. The book, which we have read at least once a day since I have returned has fueled a newly discovered fascination with all things rockets, spaceships and astronauts. Harper and I now take daily trips to “Baaaaaaath Tuuuuuuub Plaaaaaaaaanet” (said in the same tone of voice as [Pigs in Space](, if you remember that) and he now likes to countdown, speaking into a closed fist as to simulate a muffled microphone, to spontaneous liftoffs several times a day.
His interest has sparked an interest inside of me as well, which is honestly what is so wonderful about this latest obsession of his. We have been watching the [liftoff sequence from Ron Howard’s Apollo 13](, as well as tons of [old archival footage]( of the original moon landing, and some [more recent HD footage]( taken from a [Japanese satellite]( (via [kottke]( It has been wonderful.

Moonshot Liftoff

The [book is wonderful]( and I recommend it to all parents with children who dream of space and of being an astronaut. The illustrations are the reason I selected the book. They are saturated with detail and give me something new to look at with each subsequent read.
The author has put together [a great web site for the book as well](, complete with [coloring activities](, a collection of great video resources for kids and even its very own trailers.


2 Comments on “MOONSHOT”

  1. jason says:

    Oh wow. Great find. Theo is all about rockets and spaceships these days. He sat through an entire presentation on model rocket launches at Maker Faire a few weeks ago. We’ll have to check out Moonshot.

  2. Byrne says:

    The book makes me want to buy his other book called “Lightship.”
    Have you seen the historic light ship docked in Oakland?

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