Media Manager users: thank Amazon.

I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon right now as they recently [made changes to their Amazon Product Advertising API]( that has broken Media Manager. Now I have numerous users tapping their feet anxiously waiting for an update, during a time in which I really should be working. I have only myself to blame though as Amazon gave me more than enough warning of this change, emailed me numerous times warning me about it, and honestly did all that a services provider should do to inform me of this impending change and its consequences. But naturally I procrastinated, and now I must reap what I sow.
On the flip side, this change has forced me to crack open [one of my oldest plugins](, one built with a great deal of duct tape and chicken wire, and retool it to be slightly more modern. Most users of course won’t appreciate or notice a change, but I myself am relieved to finally replace all of my home-grown web services code, with a [more stable and tested equivalent]( This hopefully will make it easier for me to add features in the future and not cringe quite as much whenever a user reports a bug.
So while I privately curse Amazon under my breath, Media Manager and Movable Type users can thank Amazon for forcing me to finally devote some time to this plugin.
And that’s the good news: Media Manager is getting a much needed overhaul: it is being updated to work with Amazon’s new API restoring its operability; and I am making this work available for download today. The bad news is that this work is not 100% complete, so I must beg the for the community’s continued patience and understanding in that this overhaul will take a little more time to complete. In the meantime, those willing to experiment with something that is partially complete, you can download and [follow my progress with Media Manager]( over at github, and you can [report bugs via the web]( and [email]( over at Lighthouse.

To help you better understand the current state of the software, here is a list of what works and what doesn’t in Media Manager 2.0 beta 3:
* Users CAN click “Amazon Asset” from the Create menu and go through the process of searching for a product by title, selecting the product and then adding it to Movable Type’s asset management system. For assets added in this way, users CAN publish the product’s name, the product’s Associate-encoded URL, its thumbnail and a custom description for the item.
* Because the MTAmazon template tags that Media Manager ships with have not been updated, that means users CANNOT display an item’s price or any other information coming from Amazon product catalog (excluding of course the information mentioned above).
As I continue to make improvements I will post about it here and via my Twitter account so stay tuned. In the mean time, check out the following links and do what you can to help, by downloading and testing the software.
* [Follow me on Twitter](
* [Downloads](
* [Report a Bug](


7 Comments on “Media Manager users: thank Amazon.”

  1. Tom says:

    Ahh ha! I should check your home page more often. I see you’re working on this.I have like 50 entries that use Media Manager with MTAmazon. These entries are all blank entries since Amazon changed their API. :(I tried your latest code. Hoping I wouldn’t have to manually fix these entries by statically linking to Amazon product URLs.I use Brad Choate’s mtmacros with your mtamazon. So within entries, I can do this:<amazon asin="B0027FFFGA">Sony Blue Ray player</amazon> and it will add the cool overlib.js code on top of it. I’m sure you’ve seen this’s my code:<MTAmazonItemSearch SearchIndex="[MTMacroAttr name=’SearchIndex’]" Keywords="[MTMacroAttr name=’keywords’]" lastn="3"><p><img src="<MTAmazonImageTag size="medium">"><br /><a href="<$MTAmazonDetailPageURL$>"><$MTAmazonTitle$></a><br /><MTAmazonIfItemAttribute name="Director">Directors: <$MTAmazonItemAttributes name="Director"$><br /></MTAmazonIfItemAttribute>Price: <$MTAmazonPrice$><br /></p> </MTAmazonItemSearch></MTIfNotEmpty></MTMacroDefine>Anyway, I’m getting this error below when I tried and build the entries that have the <amazon asin="XYZ"> macro. Any ideas?Can’t locate object method &quot;new&quot; via package &quot;Net::Amazon&quot; (perhaps you forgot to load &quot;Net::Amazon&quot;?)

  2. Tom says:

    Woops! Forgot the part of the macro that does the “asin” search.
    here’s the full macro:
    <MTMacroDefine name="amazon" ctag="amazon"><MTIfNotEmpty expr="[MTMacroAttr
    name=’asin’]"><MTAmazonItemLookup ItemId="[MTMacroAttr name=’asin’]"><a
    href="<$MTAmazonDetailPageURL$>" title="Buy now at !"
    onmouseover="return overlib(‘<img src=\'<MTAmazonImageTag size="medium">\’
    align=\’left\’ border=\’0\’ hspace=\’5\’ /><a
    href=\'<$MTAmazonDetailPageURL$>\’>Click for Amazon price:</a><br
    /><MTAmazonTitle encode_js="1"><br /><a href=\'<$MTAmazonDetailPageURL$>\’>Buy
    Now</a>’, STICKY, TIMEOUT, 6000);" onmouseout="return nd();"><MTMacroContent
    expr="[MTMacroAttr name=’keywords’]">
    <MTAmazonItemSearch SearchIndex="[MTMacroAttr name=’SearchIndex’]"
    Keywords="[MTMacroAttr name=’keywords’]" lastn="3">
    <p><img src="<MTAmazonImageTag size="medium">"><br />
    <a href="<$MTAmazonDetailPageURL$>"><$MTAmazonTitle$></a><br />
    <MTAmazonIfItemAttribute name="Director">
    Directors: <$MTAmazonItemAttributes name="Director"$><br />
    Price: <$MTAmazonPrice$><br />

  3. Maria says:

    Oh dear. I’ve been trying for AGES to install this, and while the youtube function works ok, I only use the amazon function (I haven’t tried the flickr function, as I don’t have an account there).
    I’ve entered my access and secret key, and my user id, and set the locale correctly, but everytime I click on create > amazon asset, I get a huge string of what looks to be just one error. It starts:
    failed loading package MediaManager::CMS for routine MediaManager::CMS::find: Can’t locate Log/ in @INC (@INC contains: /home/furtivem/public_html/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/StyleCatcher/lib /home/furtivem/public_html/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/WXRImporter/lib /home/furtivem/public_html/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/BloggerImporter/lib
    And carries on for what seems like ever. Please do you have any idea what’s causing this, or more importantly how I can fix it?

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  7. Noah Masterson says:

    I’m having this same issue. Any suggestions anyone?

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