Media Manager works with Amazon. Again.

Not too long ago Amazon made some important changes to its API to improve security, but this change had [the unfortunate result of breaking Media Manager]( My knee-jerk reaction was to just go into my code and implement the API change directly in my custom built Amazon API library — because hey, it would fix the problem and allow me to go about my day. But working on [Melody]( has been a reminder to me about how important it is to drop proprietary code in favor of third party libraries when they emerge. It is not always the *easy* thing to do, because it often requires a huge effort to rewire your code to a new library, but in most cases it is the *right* thing to do because in the long run it will:
* Consolidate development around a library that more people will benefit from.
* Bring more features to your users faster.
* Allow you to leverage documentation written and maintained by someone else.
* Increase the size of your support community.
And that is what I did with Media Manager. I dropped all of my old proprietary Amazon API code in favor of a widely used, well supported CPAN module called [Net::Amazon]( In the process I dramatically simplified my code base, I incorporated more features that have emerged from Amazon’s API since I initially wrote Media Manager, and made the framework easier to extend and use. All in all, it is proving to be a *great* change for the plugin that brings *more features and capabilities* to Media Manager users.
However, this change may also mean changes for its users. For a lot of Media Manager users, this new version may mean that your template code will no longer work. This change which breaks backwards compability was unfortunate, but to a great extent unavoidable, especially if I wanted to maximize the end-user benefits for shifting to Net::Amazon. So if you are an existing user of Media Manager and are anxious to restore interoperability with Amazon, then please consult Media Manager’s [new documentation with its many template code samples]( to see what changes you might need to update your blog’s templates.
You can [download Media Manager 2.1 from github](, and [file support tickets and bug reports in lighthouse]( Please, if you have problems, let me know so that I fix them as soon as possible.


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