Greetings from Disneyland

This past week Harper and Daisy had their first trip to Disneyland. Before we left we (and by “we” I mean Arin) consulted with numerous parents about their experiences with taking their toddler to Disneyland. The advice that resonated with us the strongest was the need to press on with your kids and help them to see past the first ride they see — this following a story told to us by friends whose daughter only wanted to ride the Dumbo ride because she was literally unable to fathom that there could be something, *anything* else in the park that could be as much fun.
So with that fresh on our minds we led Harper by the hand through security and towards the main entrance to Disneyland. Harper was immediately transfixed and broke into a run. But not towards the hill of flowers carefully sculpted into the shape of Mickey Mouse, or the train, or the Castle, Matterhorn or Space Mountain seen far off in the distance. Instead he ran to something, that for him, was far more compelling: letters.

Harper with each letter in C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A

Yes, as it turns out we probably didn’t need to buy tickets to Disneyland at all. We could just have easily have taken him to Disney Plaza to play on the letters at the entrance to California Adventure Land, which I am certain he could have played on all day long if we let him. Live and learn. Live and learn.
Slideshow after the jump.

As it turns out Harper did get past the letters and he did manage to have a good time, aside from being mildly over-stimulated and being routinely asked to wait in line time after time which for a toddler must have been an agonizing length of time.


One Comment on “Greetings from Disneyland”

  1. The Poo Pa says:

    There appears to be someone missing here! Actually, I think it might be “Ga”
    You know, the one who paid for Disneyland!

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