Family portrait for the ages

Family Portrait for the Ages

[Elisabeth Daynes]( is known in the Paleo-archeological community for her award winning reconstructions and sculptures of our hominid relatives. Seeing this “family portrait” as it were is a beautiful look at humanity’s ancestors. It also is a wonderful illustration of how we came to be for those who ever wondered or (dare I say) questioned how humans could have possibly evolved from chimpanzees.
> An assembly of French artist Elisabeth Daynes’ reconstructions serves as a “family portrait” for living and extinct hominids. Two australopiths, nicknamed Lucy and Lucien, are in the foreground at right. A representation of the first Homo species to leave Africa raises a rock in the foreground at left. A Neanderthal family is in the far background, and Homo sapiens is represented by the bearded figure stretching out his left hand in the background at right.
(via the [MSNBC Photo Blog](


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