Gwyneth Paltrow – just an average working mother.

Gwyneth Paltrow is apparently in the process of building a brand around herself. Among other things she has a [blog and newsletter]( within which she dispenses her sagely advice. I found the [TodayBlog’s latest response]( to her helping moms [balance a hectic work-life and the demands of family]( quite entertaining. Here is their take on “A Day in the Life of Gwyneth:”
> Long story short: Get kids off to school, work out, shower, rehearsal for Country Music Awards, dress fittings, phone calls, make cupcakes with kids, put kids to bed, girls’ night out. God, it’s like she looked into my day planner… and my SOUL!
> Gwyneth has, predictably, drawn criticism for thinking that her extremely privileged life bears any resemblance to that of an ordinary working mother. However, her GOOP essay includes some fascinating nuggets, including:
> She has a time-travelling portal in her kitchen. According to her “day in the life,” her 4.5-year-old son Moses wakes at 8 a.m., and she needs to leave the house with Moses and 6-year-old Apple at 8:20. These are the things she does in 20 minutes: makes eggs and toast for Moses, “followed by a spoonful of lemon flavored flax oil,” gets children dressed, packs and finishes decorating shoe boxes filled with toys for less fortunate children (their mothers probably don’t give them lemon flax oil). And they make it to school on time! The laws of time and space bend before the will of mighty Gwyneth.
I have taken the liberty to subscribe my wife to her newsletter.


2 Comments on “Gwyneth Paltrow – just an average working mother.”

  1. Andy says:

    If you really want to feel the burn checkout the comments on another recent Gawker post about the Goop.
    (be sure to view earlier discussions)

  2. Andy says:

    Oh oh oh here’s the one I was hoping to find – I had the wrong post –
    “Born into privilege, natural beauty nourished and protected by lots of money and a lack of hard living. Made a career out of playing the same role over and over again. Married into European money (of sorts), adopted a faux Euro accent and home. Now wants to tell us all what to do with our lives, children, and stomachs.
    “Fuck her. Fuck her hugely… this message of fuckness sent from a fellow natural-born ectomorph beauty who is also 37, but married a regular guy, worked her ass off in double shifts for years and years and got crow’s feet and weak abs as a result, and never had a rich daddy to pay her tuition and debts. Fuck her so fucking hard.
    “And fuck anybody who thinks she is worth listening to. Listen to my mom instead, who is prettier than Blythe Danner, and who raised us on a working-class pittance. She and I can cook a mean chicken, too, and we don’t need an extra kitchen to do it in.
    “Three gardens? Might as well go shoot a wolf from a helicopter while she’s at it.”

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