Mantis Shrimp? Houdoken!!

I couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon and share this [great little infographic about the Mantis Shrimp](, a truly awesome animal! It has 16 color receptors, arms that can deliver a blow as powerful as a .22 caliber bullet, feet that move so fast they can boil water, and the ability to deliver an underwater shockwave! Houdoken!

Mantis Shrimp

Aaaaand, they look as awesome as they sound.


Hyper-Matrix – 3D pixel art

The scale of this interactive art piece, created for Hyundai (yes, the car) by Korean artist J├┤nPaSang, is almost beyond belief. It is 8 meters tall and 45 meters wide, comprising 3848 cubes each measuring 1 square foot. Each square can move independently of the rest to form pixelated 3D images, or to create a flat surface onto which images can be projected, or both.

Dub Step meets Tap

Dub step has been slowly creeping deeper and deeper into my music collection and listening habits. So naturally this caught my attention: the melding of tap dance and dub step:

(via [kottke](, of course)
That video, led me to this video, which I will add to the conversation as an example of more “conventional” (if that is properly applied here) dub step dance moves. The way this guys moves in and out of a slow motion dance, with no camera tricks, is awesome.

Submarine or Boat?

The [Seabreacher watercraft](, which looks to me like something out of Jules Verne novel, is capable of cruising at 40mph on the surface and 20mph underwater up to five feet, at which point the snorkel is submerged, oxygen for the engine is cut off and the engine dies. When controlled properly, a driver can submerge the craft and then propel themselves out of the water — breaching much in the same way a dolphin does.

Each Seabreacher watercraft is custom built to order, accounting for the wide variety of designs you will find on YouTube, including orca, sharks and of course the dolphin, which the craft was designed to mimic.

Yoga Breakdancing? Hell, yes.

Swarming Nano Quadrotors

These quadrotors are amazing. It begins with the simple statement, “we developed a nano quadrotor capable of agile flight.” And agile is right. I love the fact that you can just huck this up into the air, turn it on, and its starts flying. Plus, their ability to fly in formation is both beautiful and honestly, a little spooky.
Speaking of spooky, this video also kinda freaks me out as I think about how the military might use something like this – I can imagine for example a ton of these being dumped out of the back of a plane and at 200 hundred feet them all turning on and converging on a target or dispersing to lots of different targets. Or am I just being paranoid?

The Cello Beatbox Virtuoso

At the age of four Kevin Olusola saw Bill Clinton perform the sax on the Arsenio Hall Show and realized he wanted to play an instrument too. Shortly thereafter he was already playing music by ear just by playing around, and by the age of 8 Kevin had completely mastered the cello. He was/is a prodigy.
Kevin also liked to beat box, but his father through it a bad influence and it was little more than noise. Then he heard him beat boxing in a choir and realized his son had a talent there as well. Now his son mixes his two musical passions to create some truly amazing music.