Blood and Chrome: be the game changer you say you will be.

Because Gods, you look so awesome.

To say that I am looking forward to this would be the understatement of the year.


Winter is coming…

I don’t think words can express adequately how excited I am about this new and insanely ambitious series: Games of Thrones, based on George R. R. Martin’s book series of the same name.
Could HBO be getting its mojo back after AMC took it from them with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and now the Killing — all of which is some seriously epic story telling? Come on HBO, I am rooting for you, if only because I loved the books so damn much.

Police mug shots reveal the effects of drug abuse

A new anti-drug campaign is being launched which uses police mug shots to show the effects of drug abuse. The [before and after photos are indeed shocking](
On the plus side, most of these addicts could probably find a walk-on part on [The Walking Dead](, and show producers wouldn’t need to worry about make-up. Its a win-win.

Addiction Mug Shot

Some New Battlestar Galactica Arcana Comes to Light

As disappointed as I ultimately was in the finale of Battlestar Galactica, I still maintain that it is one of the finest shows I have seen on television, and of the science fiction genre it is the best bar none. So there is still great delight to be had when pieces of the BSG universe come to light and even more fascinating to discover the depth of thinking that went into the BSG universe before anything was ever written. The first bit of eye candy is a map of the Twelve Colonies:

Map of the 12 Colonies in BSG

The map is full of little tidbits like this:
> The Scorpio Shipyards orbital complex is in the same orbit as the planet’s famous half ring, thought to be the result of a moon breaking up less than 100,000 years ago.
Also released recently was Ronald D. Moore’s [series bible]( – the guide goes into great depth about the universe, its history and even the minutia of basic flight operations.
> The launch officer contacts the CIC to request permission for launch and when it is obtained, the Launch Officer then goes through a quick series of final checks:
> > “Viper two-eight-nine/Galactica, clear forward, nav-con green, thrust positive and steady. Good-bye.”
> “Clear forward” means there is nothing in front of the Viper in the launch tube. “Nav=-con green” means the navigational system aboard the Viper is operating and showing up green on the Launch Officer’s board. “Internal check” means that he has checked the interval between this viper and the one that launched immediately before it.
> “Thrust positive and steady” means that the Viper’s engine thrust is steady and is sufficient to launch the craft. “Good-bye” tells the pilot that the Launch Officer has just pressed the literal button that will launch the Viper through the tube and out into space.
Equal detail is paid to landing operations, the sequence of commands needed to maneuver Galactica, and especially FTL jumps – much of which is apparently inspired and taken straight from the checklists NASA used in conjunction with the launch of Apollo 15.
Resources like this remind me a little bit of Tolkein’s Similarion in that it provides a rich history and context for the entire universe helping it to feel more rich, grounded and authentic to the viewer.

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Star Trek Tik Tok Mash-up

Some total fluff to help you finish off your Friday:

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Unanswered Lost Questions

About to jump on [a podcast]( with some friends to talk about the Lost series finale. The following video will serve as an excellent reference for our chat.